Instructions:   It is time to upload your best images for our club contest being held via Zoom this coming Monday at 7 pm. For this contest, we have a main theme of “Seeing Red”. You have the option here of submitting your best images where the color red is dominant or the focus of attention. Also, we are giving some leeway to those brave photographers who might interpret “Seeing Red” as anger in their image.
As usual, we will also have the Open category for those wishing to enter images of any subject. As always, the 1st place finishers in both categories will go head to head for the Best of Show.

Our Judge:  Arely Marisol Pena

Arely Marisol Peña was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. She received her BFA in Photography from the University of Houston and her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She works primarily through sculpture, photography, video, and installation. Arely co-founded the artist collective Mujeres Malas in 2017, and Wharf Collective in 2020. She has exhibited in Houston with Blaffer Museum, Lawndale Art Center, Rudolph Blume Gallery, Hardy & Nance Studios, among others; and at Charles Addams Gallery and Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Arely lives and works in West Philadelphia.

Arely has been instructed fully to give equal weight in judging the main theme as the color red or anger. I’m going with the color red.

DEADLINE: Submit via the CPC uploader NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, MARCH 19th 5PM.  We are asking for submissions to be uploaded to the website by 5 pm on Saturday evening to give Marty and Dianne a chance to sort and prep the images for the contest. Stay well and upload!  (This is our 'cut off' date/time.  However, if we are a little late in uploading, you might take a chance and upload.)

NAMING: You may submit a total of 4 images; no more than two in one category. Use the TITLE of the category first (RED or OPEN), then add your FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL, and number 01 and 02. Then add a description of what you see (something simplistic please).
EXAMPLES --- RED DianneR01 angry dog or RED DianneR02 red dress, and don't forget the OPEN category - OPEN DianneR01 sunflower, etc. The judge will not see titles or names. For the winning images, titles can be added later. If you win a 1,2, or 3rd place or honorable mention, you can email Dianne the title you want to show on the website.

SIZING - Please save your images as .jpg (or .jpeg) and size images no taller than 1200 pixels for either vertical or square images and no wider than 1600 pixels for horizontals. *The total FILE SIZE to upload should be under 2M.
*NOTE: Watch the "Image Size" total on your resizer before saving your image. If the image is rejected by the uploader, the size is usually the problem. The image should not show up on your thumbnail size image in the catalog on the right if rejected by the uploader. Go back to your image file and downsize the image once again by lowering the 'quality' slider and reload.
If you want to replace a previously loaded image with a different image, upload your image (named and described) and then send us an email so we can delete the one you don't want in our offsite storage. PS - Deleting the catalog image will not delete it from our site.

If you have any additional problems or questions, you can contact Janet Hickey or Dianne Rose.

Thanks, and hope to see your submissions soon!