Presentation Description:  It’s no secret that today’s iPhone has become a remarkable camera capable of producing images that only a “big camera” could produce in the past. Its photo prowess and its small Join Photographer, Rad A. Drew, as he shares his methods for creating engaging photos with your iPhone!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get sharp, well exposed images
  • How to make long exposures that capture moving water
  • Rad's simple workflow for processing any image in SnapSeed
  • How to use SnapSeed’s various tools for processing your images
  • How to use SnapSeed's hidden masking feature for eliminating noise in clouds and sky, and selectively sharpening parts of an image
  • How to use the masking feature to leave a splash of color in a B&W image.

Install SnapSeed. It’s free!

Install the free SnapSeed app on your iPhone or android phone prior to the presentation.

Note to Android Users: This webinar is focused on the iPhone. Android users are welcome with the understanding that all demonstrations will be done on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and not all apps and processes discussed will be available for android phones. For processing images, we will use the app, SnapSeed, which is available for both iPhone and Android phones and works similarly on each.

Rad's website link: