The judge for the evening's contest was Rick Wright


Black and White (42 images)


1st  Alex Spielman - Ape


2nd John Stritzinger - Beach


3rd Frumi Cohen - Horses on a hillside


HM Carolyn Shoop – Train crossing



Marlene Mendez - Palouse

HM Alex Spielman – Longhorn


HM Sandy Uzelmeier – Bathroom



OPEN (40 images)

1st Alex Spielman – Mockingbird claw (BEST OF SHOW)


2nd Rich Coniglio – Shard in London


3rd Bill Shoop – Toad at night

HM John Stritzinger – Walking the dog in fog


HM Marty Golin – Orange cones and ladder


HM Marlene Mendez – Colonnade


HM Anita Fanic -A Surreal observation