Robby is our newest member and we'd all like to meet him (and his see his images of course)!  He graciously provided us with our NEW SPOTLIGHT article.  Robby, we are really looking forward to see you out on one of our Club Trips.  There are quite a few this year, and I'm sure that there will be something interesting for everyone to attend.

Here's his introduction to to our club:
"I have been around photographers/photography for many years, but only recently started taking photos at the beginning of 2022 after I moved to Pennsylvania. Landscape and nature photography are what I enjoy most. Being immersed in the environment of the subject I am photographing is greatly satisfying. I enjoy witnessing (and hopefully capturing) the spontaneity of nature and the fleeting beauty of my surroundings. I look forward to learning more about photography and experiencing it with the club."

You can enlarge to full image by clicking on the Gallery image below: