The judging is finished and the TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition is now open! Please go to the PCP website and enjoy some exquisite photography!

Congratulations to all the participants. Below you will find the Churchville Photography Club (CPC) photographers and the titles of the images accepted into the TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition.

Philip "Dutch" Bagley            Tweetie Sweetie
Philip "Dutch" Bagley            The Whole Knows
Wendy Brusca                         Untitled #1
Wendy Brusca                         Untitled #2
Frumi Cohen                           Sandhill Crane
Kathleen DiTanna                  Summer Breeze
Barry Good                              Day into Night
Nanci Hellmuth                      Life and Death
Sharlene Holliday                   Connections
Marlene Mendez                     Dizzying
Marlene Mendez                     Vortex
Sara Pinkus Criss                    Cross
Sherry Resnick                         Floating Garden Under the Sea
Laurie Santoro                         Peaking through the Hat
John Stritzinger                      Moored In Minnewaska
Sandra Uzelmeier                   Galactic Crocodile
Sandra Uzelmeier                   Lost in Time