Winners of the First Churchville Photography Club Digital Competition were announced June 3rd 2024 via a zoom meeting moderated by Scott Peterson, co-chair of CPC's open print competition which ran for 28 years,
Entries opened February 1st and closed March 30th 2024. We had 53 photographers submitting entries. There were 54 entries in Architecture, 62 in Landscape, 87 in Open and 54 in Wildlife.

Entries were judged separately by our judges, each given scores ranging from 3 to 33. The judges were Barbara Warren (, Stephen Perloff ( and Rick Wright

BEST OF SHOW L-103-01 Anita Fanic - Cypress in Fall




FIRST PLACE A-141-02. Richard Coniglio - The Shard

SECOND PLACE A-143-02 SARA PINKUS - Dueling Structures

THIRD PLACE A-138-08. Nanci Hellmuth - Modern Curves

Honorable Mention A-112-03 Cheryl Bomba - Only the Light Can Enter

Honorable Mention A-141-04 Richard Coniglio - Sunset in Casablanca

Honorable Mention A-139-04 Natalie Grimmer - Remnants

Honorable Mention A-131-01 Liz Sette - Guggenheim Museum

Honorable Mention A-137-02 Michael Hickey - Convergence



FIRST PLACE L-103-01 Anita Fanic - Cypress in Fall


SECOND PLACE L-112-01 Cheryl Bomba - Carve Your Own Path

THIRD PLACE L-117-01 Dianne Rose - Smokies Sunset

Honorable Mention L-102-07 Alex Spielman - Early Morning Sunburst NY

Honorable Mention L-120-01 Gene Cangiani - Florence from a Hilltop

Honorable Mention L-147-03 Tim Moyer - Patterson Farm

Honorable Mention L-114-01 CRAIG SPIELMAN - Solar Eclipse Over Eagles Crag - Zion NP, Utah

Honorable Mention L-131-03 Liz Sette - Alaskan Mud Flats




FIRST PLACE TIE O-117-03 Dianne Rose - Longwood mum

FIRST PLACE TIE O-120-07 Gene Cangiani - 9-11 Memorial Lights

THIRD PLACE O-151-01 Wil Scott - Ravages of Time

Honorable Mention O-122-01 Janet Geissler - Water droplet

Honorable Mention O-136-04 Mia Curran - Study in Yellow

Honorable Mention O-130-10. Laurie Santoro - Water and Rose

Honorable Mention O-120-02. Gene Cangiani - Inner City

Honorable Mention O-103-03 Anita Fanic - Interstellar

Honorable Mention O-111-04 Charmaine Hofmann - Pulled Pork Supreme




FIRST PLACE W-121-04 Jacqueline Burke - Red, White, and Black

SECOND PLACE W-129-01 Laura Brandt - Bluebird Stretching Its Wings

THIRD PLACE W-121-03 Jacqueline Burke - -On the Prowl


Honorable Mention W-126-03 Joyce Goldberg - Lunch?

Honorable Mention W-113-01 Chester Davis - Penguin Posse Promenade

Honorable Mention W-121-02 Jacqueline Burke - After the Rain


Honorable Mention W-128-02 Laura Rainville - A Mother's Love

Honorable Mention W-128-01 Laura Rainville - Lucky Frog