The first meeting of the club year will be a social to reconnect after the long summer and share some images of what we have been shooting.  Bring something to add to the food table, and upload some images of your summer photography to share.  Commentary is optional!  Watch for an email shortly from one of our three coordinators (Sharlene, Vicki and Joyce) with more details, and a sign up sheet so we know what everyone is planning to bring.  See you mid-September!

Submit up to five images you would like to share, sized no wider than 1024 pixels, no higher than 768 pixels.  Clear/delete your catalog of prior images before you upload.

Naming your uploaded files: (do not use extra characters)

  • Prefix images with your initials and image number so they will appear in the order you wish to show them.  For example DER01, DER02, etc...

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