Congratulations to John for recognition of his images receiving awards in December!
I saw this one on Facebook and copied it into the club site.   (I apologize as it is a bit late!)

His comments: "I received two winners awards in the Student category of the Architecture Masterprize Photography 2023 competition. The Architecture Masterprize celebrates “Excellence in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Planning, Architectural Product Design, and Architectural Photography.”
You can view all of the Student category winners on the Architecture Masterprize website.

My photograph of the Frank Gehry designed Lewis Science Library on the Princeton University campus was a winner in Educational Exterior. The image was made in late afternoon sunlight that left glass portions in shadow while highlighting brick sentries standing alongside a gorgeous sweep of silver metal and lines. Walking around the building reveals vastly differing views emerging from his use of building materials.

My photograph of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was a winner in Exterior Details. The building, Frank Gehry masterpiece, projects the sharpest edges alongside soft curves, an especially wonderful contrast in bright mid-afternoon LA sunlight.












"I also received an Honorable Mention award for another photograph of the Walt Disney Concert Hall."






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