Meet Frumi Cohen, one of our newest members to the Churchville Photography Club.  Here's her story...

I am a born and bred musician. At a very early age, my father sat me down on the couch and didn’t let me go out to play until I listened to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. (It’s 55 minutes long.) He’d sit and practice piano with me for hours until I got it right. So it’s not surprising that I chose a career in teaching, performing, and writing music. Over the past 40 years, I’ve happily taught music in the classroom, composed, published and produced plays and musicals for young people, and published articles about my work in journals and magazines around the country. In other words, I’ve always thought of myself as a “music” person. I never gave too much thought to what I took in visually.

But just before I retired in 2017, all that changed. I took my Sony A55 DSLR on a trip to Iceland. I’d had that camera for ten years but suddenly I was looking at the natural beauty around me through its lens—and I was mesmerized. Of course, feeling this way is very easy when you find yourself on a volcanic island where every vista looks like a National Geographic cover. I took hundreds of photos of snow covered glaciers, steaming sulfur pools, seaside abandoned houses, towering waterfalls, and lava fields. And then I discovered the Icelandic horses. Their coiffed manes and playful manner charmed me, but their soulful eyes transported me. When I focused my lens on them, I felt a strong connection that I had never felt before in the presence of wild things, and just like that, I became devoted (and addicted) to outdoor and wildlife photography.

Admittedly, much of what I shot on that trip was in Auto mode, but people reacted so positively that I became encouraged to continue to play with my camera. Since then, thanks to finding the Churchville Photography Club, which has been a friendly support and wonderful resource for me,  I am shooting in Manual mode and I find that I’m becoming more serious about learning the craft.  I am starting to think more about composing my shot and understanding what a difference good camera settings and editing can make. So here, with gratitude to the Churchville Photography Club, I offer the following photos as a baseline from which I plan to improve, grow, and thrive as a photographer.

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