I have always liked and enjoyed creative photography, in particular I like to abstract things, ALL things. Although, I do tend to favor graphic shapes and squiggles. After so many years, I had accumulated quite a collection of reflection abstracts; I liked doing them so much and I didn't want to stop creating them, but at the same time I wanted to make them different. They all start to look the same after a while. So I started combining them.


Years later, I was attending a street photography workshop and was encouraged to "shoot differently". I was bored with the shots I was getting until I realized that my camera had the ability to ghost multiple in-camera images. I started playing with graphic subjects and the movement of people and just fell in love. I started doing this on every photography shoot. And as I continued to expand my Photoshop skills, I started to play with more sophisticated ways of combining images to create more ethereal, artistic and sometimes unrealistic interpretations of the world I live in. In my program, I will show you my evolution of photographic tricks and hopefully inspire you to try them for yourself.


My BIO is as follows:

Jennifer Dooley first discovered her interest in photography while working in the IT department at NYNEX in 1990. She met a coworker with an unsteady hand who always produced blurry pictures. So she asked if she could try out the camera and instantly fell in love. Jennifer has since attended numerous workshops and conferences, exhibited in several juried photography shows, served as digital competition chairperson for 8 eight years, is past president of CCCW, and is currently a member of multiple other camera clubs. Being a part of so many varied associations broadens her photographic vision and insight.

Jennifer has a very analytical mind which impacts her photography. She enjoys careful consideration of composition, technique and creativity while photographing a wide variety of subjects, in particular, but not limited to, architecture, macro, and storms. Whatever the subject, her eye always gravitates towards graphic shapes, patterns, perspective and leading lines which are found everywhere and in everything. Jennifer is a Quality Assurance Manager and resides in Port Chester, NY.