Marlene is a long-term member of our club.  Please congratulate her on our recent publication of three images of the Lonaconing Silk Mill appearing on a two-page spread in the book.  She was one of 125 photographers to be included in the internationally prestigious LensWork Community Book Trilogies project.
Marlene received her copy of the magazine; it is available through their website.

Lonaconing Silk Mill
ColorEfexPro Detail Extractor (CEP 4)

"Long-time LensWork readers may remember seven years ago when we introduced six-image projects in Seeing in SIXES (2015-2019) and then outstanding single images in Our Magnificent Planet (2020-2021). For 2022, we’re introducing a new idea we call Trilogies — three-image sets that explore a subject or theme as a group.

Fine art photography has traditionally centered around a single, stand-alone “greatest hits” image, matted and framed for display on the wall. To me, this has always seemed uncomfortably restrictive — at least from a creative point of view. Trilogies is an outgrowth of an experiment I did with my own personal work in 2014. Back then I called them “exhibition suites” and three images allowed me to explore a theme, place, or vision in greater depth. Each trilogy of images consists of one larger main image (in portrait orientation) plus two supporting compositions (in landscape orientation)."

Her images are shown below:



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