Submit no more than 2 images total.  Choose one in each category, or you can submit both of your images in one.  As in the past, we will present $20 to the winner of the "THEME" category.  This generally promotes more participation in the theme - money talks!

Our contest judge will be (TBD-watch for update).

Upload images to the CPC website using Member Login, then use the drop down to Club Member Information Log out when completed.
Size: Horizontal 1600px OR Vertical (or square-ish) 1200px
Format: JPG or JPEG
Name: start with the category ("RUR-" or "OPE-") and then your first name initial and complete last name then add 001, and 002.
(ie,  RUR-DRose001, OPE-DRose002).  Upload at this point.  (The name of the member will not be shown to the judge during the presentation.)

First place will be anonymous until the best of show is named in both categories.

Wikipedia - in general, a rural area or countryside is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities.