Our Holiday Social does require set up of tables and chairs, and it would be extremely helpful if a few people can come in around 6:30pm to help with carrying items into the community room, and later help with minor cleanup.

Message from our President for the Holiday Social on Monday, December 19th.

"We invite all members to attend the Social in person at the Nature Center. The doors will be opened at around 6:45 pm and because of what I learned from the Fall Social, we are going to make a few changes.

We are going to keep it light with the food, no dinner dishes. Let’s make it all about dessert and conversation. Most members eat dinner at home anyway before coming to the meeting and an in-person meet-up to interact and converse with some yummy desserts makes more sense.  I will provide several dessert dishes, soft drinks, bottled water and coffee.  You are all invited to bring whatever favorite dessert you like if you are so disposed.  Bring enough for yourself and a little extra to share with other club members if you are able.  If not, there will be plenty for everyone.

In the week prior to the Social, members are asked to upload up to five images to share with the club. I will start the Zoom portion of the Social at 7:45 pm and start the hybrid meeting at that time, showing all of the submitted images. The images can be of any subject, holiday themed, family images or whatever. Each member will have 2 or 3 minutes to talk about their images, depending on the number of submitted images. More information on the Holiday Social will be forthcoming in the next few weeks."

TIP: Please upload your images labeling them using your first name, last initial and add 01 to 05. (format "jpg/jpeg").  eg., JanetH 01.jpg etc.   This keeps all of your images in order so that you can speak about them all at one time.
Size for projection: resolution can be 180 to 300 dpi, make sure that the total size does not exceed 2MP or it may not be accepted by the uploader on the website.  Do not bring images on a flash drive to the social; use the web uploader.  Horiz 1600px wide; Vertical or 'squarish' images 1200px tall.  You can contact Janet Hickey or Dianne Rose should you need help.