This program is named "East Meets West" - a week-long journey through the intimacy of Acadia and the grandeur of Mt. Rainier.

Michael and Janet make it a point to travel together.  We are both photographers, and like you, we love to travel to new locations and sometimes return to our favorite places, years later, to see what changes have occurred over time.

Janet loves to 'camp' outdoors (with a tent, but not cook); Michael prefers the hot tub on the balcony on a cool evening.  (I think he won that argument.)  We head out very early well before sunrise, bringing the gas burner with a pot to heat up hot water. Janet prepares the hot oatmeal and a sliced banana. This with a large cup of steaming dark chocolate cocoa gives us energy for staking out the sunrise spot.  Michael loves to eat, so it's perfect.

Several years ago we decided it was time to visit the western US.  Iconic images and articles have inspired us from the pages of photographic magazines. Shall we say "the mountains are calling"?  We've managed a tentative agreement to travel west in spring and/or summer, so most, if not all, of the park is accessible to give us more of an opportunity to photograph a greater diversity of subject matter. If we feel a first visit to a western park was exceptional, then it's more likely that another visit would be in order, probably in the fall.  And in the winter, stay closer to home.  This could change in a moment with the right enticement.

We have different photo processes, and we will discuss that during our program.  Michael and I look forward to showing our best images to you and answering questions.  We hope you enjoy the journey.