Our scheduled program is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, however, we may be able to reschedule the speaker in 2019-2020.
This creates an opening for learning......

How many of us have a camera we don't understand; there's so much to learn - and that manual!

BUT how many of us really don't understand the how of photography?  Let's begin.

 A few years ago we presented six lessons (for beginners) to our members who were willing to show up early before our regular meeting.  I noticed that the group grew every week and even our  most seasoned photographers enjoyed these 30-minute lessons in the comfort of the CNC Library.  We don't have the Library available to us anymore, and we'll have to figure out how we can get these lessons, once again, to our beginners.

We are moving on to the second CD, which also includes six lessons.  On May 6th we will show two of the National Geographic photography lessons in their second series.  We're pleased to be able to offer you the following:

Color and Intensity, and Introduced Light

We will be able to review the first lesson (note your questions), and take a short Q&A before we see the second lesson.

NOTE:  thanks to Marty Malgieri to offering the CDs for the edification of our ongoing pursuit of perfection.