Join Kevin Loughlin, nature photographer and owner of Wildside Nature Tours, on a whirlwind ride across the hemispheres through colorful images from his recent travels through just the past year! From Alaska to the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River to remote Nagaland for the incredible Amur Falcon migration spectacle, Kevin’s travels have been extraordinary. Eagles, bears, whales, dolphins, penguins, owls and oh, so much more will fill the screen and transport your spirit!

Kevin was raised to appreciate nature while exploring the woodlands of Pennsylvania as a child.  At age six, during a family trip through the American West, Kevin became fascinated with photography as well seeing the new and different birds throughout North America.  His photographs and articles have appeared in publications such as Nature Photographer, Wild Bird, Audubon and Philadelphia Magazines, as well as the National Geographic web site and many natural history books.