Upload two images for a critique by Barbara Warren who is a well known to our club and an accomplished photographer in fine art photography, portrait, landscapes, nature, abstract, and architectural subjects. Her work has won numerous awards, and has appeared in magazines and photographic books. She is a master printer and prints both her own and other photographers' work. She tutors individuals and groups in both photography and printing, and also restores old or damaged photographs.

Visit her website at www.barbarawarren.com

Upload images to the CPC website using Member Login, then use the drop down to Club Member Information.
Size: Horizontal 1600px OR Vertical (or square-ish) 1200px
Format: JPG or JPEG
Name: Start with your first name and last name initial, then add 001, 002, etc.  (ie,  DianneR001, DianneR002, etc).  Upload at this point.  Log out when completed.

If you have any questions, please call (if you have our number) or use the CONTACT link on the website. Either Dianne Rose or Janet Hickey will call you to assist.