Congratulations Nancy! We can visit the digital exhibition for the Last Cast 25 Community Art through January 3rd, 2021.

I, as well as our members, celebrate with Nancy and are very excited to share the good news
The website explains the exhibit:
Nov. 18, 1995, marked the end of an era, as Bethlehem Steel produced steel for the last time. Known as the Last Cast, this event will be commemorated and celebrated for its 25th anniversary with a planned series of events running in November 2020. Last Cast 25 is designed to respect and remember the history of Bethlehem Steel, while also looking forward to the bright future of the Lehigh Valley region, with an innovation aspect as well. As part of Last Cast 25 and InVision, this digital exhibition is focused on photography and photo-based artwork featuring Bethlehem Steel.



Nanci Hellmuth