Here's a NEW TRIP proposal by Wendy Brusca to seriously consider.

I know how many of us love old architecture and we are always looking for new subjects.

Consider this trip:  June 14th, Sunday - 11a.m.  (4 hours)
Place: J.W. Cooper School

39 North White Street
Shenandoah, PA 17976

Fee/Donation - $20 (minimum)
Coordinator: Wendy Brusca
Meet in the parking lot at 11:am but make sure you contact Wendy so that she knows that you're coming.  They've set a limit of 15 people max.
This trip will give you four hours access to the school

You may find that you may need to spend some time to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant?

Web images of J. W. Cooper school reveal great potential for visionary work.
Take a tour...

Bring your tripod, flash, and if you have one, a strong flashlight with filters for light painting.