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Some great resources for information on Printing (Thanks to John Jacoberger, from his program presented 11/16/2105: (see the printers and printing forum) (great site for tutorials on many topics) (see the support section)

Rick Kobylinski passed out information  on some very good YouTube tutorials he stumbled over.  Go to   Search for “Jeff Cable” and select and view one of his video lessons:

Hey, something for DUMMIES - Photoshop Elements 9

This link came to us from Dianne Rose who attended the NECCC 2011.

Here's an article to help you determine the image size for SCANNING PRINTS OR FILM.

Marline Mendez shared a copy of the Pennsylvania Magazine Jan/Feb 2012 article on tiny planets, by Bob Kueppers. Unfortunately I can't locate a link to that page, but there are plenty of references on the web....

Photography comes in all forms. This one is really something else: a blog site by Bob Kueppers that explains how to make tiny planets out of your images....

A Guide to Flower Photography see ( with links to many other helpful pages   (added Dec 2014, suggested by F. Davis)

Fashion Photography: "Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners":

with link to other resources.  (added 3/17/2019, suggested by student Kinsley Edward)

Online Portfolio: How to Setup & What to Include  from   updated Sept 2017


The main benefit of having a portfolio page is that it establishes your brand on the web. This sole fact of having a mention of your business/services online gives you access to millions of people who do their research via Google and other search engines before ever deciding to work with a company or hire a new person. An online portfolio is therefore a great customer acquisition or job finding tool. Plus, since websites are available round the clock, people can navigate to yours whenever it best suits them.....

A link that is a glossary of photoshop terms (thank you Lauren, a future photography star: added June 2023

A link for How to Properly Use a Polarizer from Outdoor Photography magazine: (added Oct 2018, suggested by J. Hickey)

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