Manayunk Scavenger Hunt

This year's Scavenger Hunt was held in Manayunk, a place of historic buildings - warehouses, mills, residences, and commercial establishments - near the banks of the Schuylkill River and the Manayunk Canal near Philadelphia.  Four teams solved written clues and made their way along Manayunk's streets and canal, photographing to capture the "clue" and also make images for four themes: Bridges; Arches and Lines; Textures; and Street Photography.

In case you didn't know, the name Manayunk is derived from the Lenape Indian word "manaiung" meaning "where we go to drink." Or photograph!  Which all four team did to great results.

The winning team .... Team 2!  Congratulations!

Team 1: Kathy, Sharlene, Joyce

Scavenger Hunt - Kathy, Sharlene, Joyce

Team 2: Heather, Jocelyn, Jenn, Ron

Scavenger Hunt - Heather, Jocelyn, Jenn, Ron

Team 3: Gary, Karen, Carole, Lisa

Scavenger Hunt - Gary, Karen, Carole, Lisa

Team 4: Anita, Gene, Jean, Randy

Scavenger Hunt - Anita, Gene, Jean, Randy


Here is a gallery of each person's favorite shot-of-the-day.

More Images:

From Anita Fanic: