We finally have a SPOTLIGHT for Jim Creighton. He's a long-term member and has finally agreed to share the beauty of his vision with us.

He also chose to use the same images for his MEMBERS GALLERY!  The 20 images in the Gallery can be removed at any time and new images inserts (FYI)...
Please read and enjoy his journey into photography.  I've always admired the beauty and composition of his photographs.  You can log in as a member to add a comment; just log out when you're done!

"I got more serious about photography when I got my first digital body.  I was a 35mm film shooter since the early 80’s when I got my Minolta XG-1.  I waited and waited for Minolta to go digital with a DSLR body and hoped to be able to use all of my lenses in the 2000’s but the rumors never came to fruition.  So, I made the leap to Nikon and am now a dedicated “Nikon Guy”.  I initially bought a Nikon D70 in 2005 and subsequently got a D80, D300S and my current go to body D600.  I have attended numerous Nikon School classes, read tons of books and magazine articles, and truly believe being a member of the Churchville Photography Club has made me a better photographer, mostly from everything I have learned from my fellow members of the club.

Professionally I was a numbers oriented, logic based, operational mindset, manager in the auto industry.  I was looking for an outlet to use “the other side of my brain” and do something creative.  Since I can’t draw a straight line, paint, or sketch, I jumped into photography as an outlet.

I consider myself a nature and landscape photographer due to my love of the outdoors but competitively I’ve got more “priceless” (or worthless) ribbons for architecture and people images.

I miss our print contests and the annual print competition because I guess I’m a photography purist who has a workflow that includes image capture, to digital tweaks, all the way to doing my own prints but like many things, I’ve adapted and changed with the times.

Luckily, I have been able to travel all over the world as part of my former job and have taken numerous vacations to great places to give me lots of opportunity to practice my craft.  I’ve lugged cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, and assorted gear on virtually every trip.  However, I would encourage everyone to put the camera down sometimes and just look at the world with both eyes, wide open, rather than squinting through a viewfinder.

The pandemic and life have impacted me not doing as much photography as the past but since I’m now retired, I’m hoping to get back out there and do more.  I’m also becoming a big fan of iPhone photography since my phone is always in my pocket.  You still have to use your composition and layout skills with the phone to make a good image; so sometimes you can’t tell the difference if it was the phone or my DSLR."


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