We are the married photography team of Carolyn & William Shoop. In our approach to photography, we both lean on the wisdom of Ansel Adams who said, “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

It is our passion to present images that convey our innermost emotions from behind the camera so that the audience may experience their own sentiment and response to a scene. Our joy is from encountered moments of beauty and awe in landscapes, nature, and wildlife.  We have explored our creativity through abstract and macro work, and have had the privilege to share interactions with our subjects while taking portraits.

Carolyn grew up in Doylestown and first started with a “hand-me-down” Kodak 110 while in elementary and junior high. A trip to Spain, while in high school, required the “graduation” to a 35mm camera.  The time to explore and learn compositional skills developed from business and personal travel opportunities throughout the US.

Bill was raised in Sellersville and recalls how the decision to take a photography elective in high school brought forth a creative spark deep within. Inspiration for image compositions came while taking trips to visit family in the Altoona area, exploring New England, and enjoying time in both Germany and Italy.

While we both work with digital cameras most of the time, we continue to draw upon the “basics” learned from the days of film.  And we still use film from time to time! Our most recent acquisition is an infrared digital camera.

Together, we have found that while travel is an incredible occasion for photography, a lesson we learned in 2020, is that we as photographers can also be challenged to push our creative bounds by exploring right at home.

Thank you for welcoming us. We look forward to our continued learning and growth amongst a group of fellow creatives!


Carolyn and Bill chose to share their SPOTLIGHT as a couple.
The following are Carolyn's images.  (Click on them to view the full-size images.)

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