Steven Karp is one of our newest members and I feel his images show the personality of his subjects.  It is clear that trust and respect him, allowing that very personal contact to shine in his images.  I love the black & white!  (But doesn't everybody?)

Read his journey into a love of photography....
"I was born in 1954. I grew up in Philadelphia. I have done most of my photography in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

In 1973 my best friend came back from freshman year at Albright College with a stack of photographs that he had done in a photo course he took that semester. I was surprised to find that one could do that in college…

I took a course the following year at Temple Univ. Many courses followed at Temple, in general, in the Journalism department and later all my electives became photography courses at the Tyler School of Art campus in Elkins Park.

After graduation I found a job in a photo studio and soon found that I could not spend 40+ hours a week around darkroom chemicals. I continued doing occasional photography in my own darkroom, worked, and eventually went back to graduate school at Temple Univ. to become a cartographer/geographer. I did not take anything more than vacation photos for the next 35 years.

After working as a cartographer for the State of New Jersey for 33 years, Shortly before I retired I returned to photography, In the new digital world and have been working, perhaps compelled, ever since at refining my photographic skills and building a body of work. The journey continues.

I currently use Fujifilm cameras and lenses. In the past, 4x5, Roleiflex 6x6 and various 35mm cameras.

Themes: Mostly black and white. Street photography, street portraits, urban landscape, architecture, the odd and interesting."


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