Dianne Rose (our secretary) had graciously agreed to update her SPOTLIGHT article from over 20 yrs ago.  She provides insight into her growth, shares her images and her thoughts for the future.  Her recent retirement does not give her more time.  Don't wait.  Go ahead and update that camera Dianne!  You deserve it.

Read her update and share a comment...

My photography hobby started in 1979 when I went to Germany armed only with a little Kodak Instamatic camera and probably six rolls of film.

On the second night there was a large gathering of all the relatives where we were treated to a slide show of the images taken by one of the cousins and his two friends who toured the American West the previous summer. Stunning images of all the major parks had me sitting there wondering why I was in Germany and not in Yellowstone, and why I did not have a better camera with me.

When home, I bought my first SLR (a Konica) and soon signed up for a black and white photography class taught by Scott Peterson in the Churchville Nature Center farmhouse. One class session became two, then weekly meetings on the picnic benches outside, then the class members became the nucleus of the club.

The rest, as they say, is history. Several Nikons later I am still learning, and toying with the idea of moving to a mirrorless camera.

Most of my work is nature related but once in a while I get inspired to shoot outside my comfort zone.


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