I have an SD card case, as some of you probably have too.  In it I keep my business card.  The card doesn't have my address (why tell everyone where you live - come on by and steal my stuff!).  But it does have my landline phone number.  I don't give everyone my cell number you know.

So, if I'm out shooting and accidentally leave my SD card case somewhere on a table ... I'd be just out of luck.  If I was on a vacation, it would just make me sick for months.  But what do you do regarding a lost camera?

My SD card case has my business card inserted in it, and on the back of the business card I write my name and cell number in bold magic marker - you can't miss it.

Here's the great idea!  The first image on every SD card (after formatting), is the picture of the back of your business card.  This gives you a fighting chance of getting it back almost immediately and while you are close to the area where you lost it.  (I also leave the cute note my son gave me - when he visits, he slips a few of these around the house in secret places.  It's a small slip of paper that says "I LOVE YOU!"  )

If they don't return the camera then...you have a hardened criminal on your hands and maybe you don't to meet that person anyway.

Suggestion submitted by Janet Hickey.