Transforming a Photo into an Illustration

Mark Johnson Workbench 317

1 Duplicate background layer
Set brush colors to Black/white

2 Adjustments menu-gradient map will convert to a black and white -Press ok

3 Duplicate b/w layer

Change Blend mode to divide – image will almost disappear

Then Apply a Gaussian blur

For High resolution file set to 15-20 -click ok

Merge down both BW layers

Optional – add Poster edge to layer – play with sliders

4. Convert existing background layer to 0 layer (cc on word background)

5 Open a texture image -Bring in texture (Flypaper or mine) with move tool – hold shift key

Texture is layer 1

Original layer 2

Black and white layer 3

6. Turn off visibility of color layer (to see effect)
Change blend mode of BW to multiply
Looks like hand drawn pencil drawing

Optional-add HS Adj layer to change color of lines

hold option key and click on HS icon

Create a clipping mask

Check colorize box-adjust sliders until get a color you like

7. Make visible and activate color layer-
add black mask to COLOR layer
Use white brush –lower opacity (50%) to bring back the color from original image
if too much reduce opacity
Stylize by Play with blending modes – linear burn – screen-linear light – luminosity
Optional -activate Illustrated black layer-add mask -100 % large brush-paint over
edges to reveal texture (and soften line)
Last -Brighten texture layer with curves