The 2009 edition of the InterClub contest was held on April 20th at the Churchville Nature Center, hosted by the Churchville Photo Club.  Thirty entries were selected by each club to compete for the InterClub score, and for the first time digital images were allowed.  Prints were also featured, but no slides were entered.  Clubs were encouraged to include in their entries one image from each member who submitted prints or digital files for consideration.  Awards were given to the highest and second-highest scores from each club.  The judges were Michael Riddle (brought by HVCC) Sandy Kornhauser (hired by Focal Planes) and John Barclay (Hired by Newtown).

The results were:
HUNTINGDON VALLEY (formerly JCCC) 548 points
NEWTOWN 519 points
FOCAL PLANES 498 points

The 2010 InterClub will be hosted by Newtown.

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The 2008 edition of the InterClub Contest was held on April 15th at the JCCC, hosted by the JCCC. Thirty entries were selected by each club to compete for the InterClub score, but any photographer that submitted entries for consideration had one entry submitted for scoring. While these scores did not count toward the club total, they did count toward an overall Highpoint and 2nd High Point Award for each club. Thus several photographers were recognized individually in addition to the entire club’s work being seen and judged. The judges were Rob Sjulander, Richard Wright, and Sandy Kornhauser.

CPC                   532
JCC                   521
NEWTOWN        497

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The 2007 edition of the InterClub Contest was held on May 14th at the Silver Lake Nature Center, hosted by Focal Planes. This year only three clubs participated, so there were only two judges. Again 30 entries were entered from each club, with the bulk being prints. Only Churchville entered slides (12) and everything else was prints. The high score of the evening was 18 awarded to CPC’s Dave Sacerdote for “Blue Waterlily”. The next highest score was 17, given to Newtown’s Jeff Godwin for “Robert”. Judges for 2007 were Rob Sjulander and Dan Creighton.

CPC                    381
NEWTOWN         349

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The 2006 edition of the InterClub Contest was held on May 4th at the Church of Gods Love hosted by the Newtown.Camera Club There were some rule changes this year to accommodate the changing habits of photographers as they move into the digital world. Each club could enter a maximum of 30 images in any combination of prints and slides. Photographers can enter from multiple clubs, but with a maximum of five images.

CPC                      369        180       549
NEWTOWN            547        N/A      547
JCC                       261        282      543
FOCAL PLANES       456        45        501

The highest score of the night in prints was 22, shared by Jeff Godwin with Geno’s(NPC); Jim Galvin – flower (NPC) Ira Schneller with Great Blue Heron reflection (CPC) and in slides, also with 22 was Marty Malgieri’s Boat on a lake (JCCC) Judges for 2006 were Rob Sjulander from Allen's Camera, and (?)

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The 2005 edition of the InterClub Competition was between Churchville, Focal Planes, JCCC & Newtown on May 2nd 2005. As a special treat, Sig. Carlo Fiorentini, a photographer visiting the Allentown area from Poggibonsi Italy came and presented several books and matted prints to Warren Holtzman for the host club, and extended an invitation to open a dialog with his club.

The contest judges were Florence Robbins, Rich Hundley and Rob Sjulander. The judges were supplied by the visiting clubs and the host club supplied the refreshments
Once again the final results revealed a close competition. The Club totals were:

CPC                     387       372           759
JCC                      370      379           749
NEWTOWN           388      362           750
FOCAL PLANES      360      362           722

Thank you all for participating, and for helping to make this a successful InterClub. The highest scores of the night went to Doreen McCabe (Focal Planes) for a slide of a night heron; Jeff Goodwin (Newtown) for a print “Monks”, and Sherry Resnick (JCCC) print of a waterlily.

The 2005/2006 InterClub will be hosted by the Newtown Camera Club.

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The 2004 InterClub was hosted by JCCC on a snowy March 16th. Despite the weather there was a good turnout of members from all Clubs. Judges were Ed Ozales, Michael Riddle, and Rob . The rules continue to evolve, with each photographer allowed six entries maximum, which could be of any format and split among any clubs to which the photographer belonged. Once again, the CPC entries were selected by a committee of any member who chose to come to a special meeting on March 10th. All entries were quickly shown to the judges for an initial impression, and then shown again for the scoring. The results were:

NEWTOWN        296         291        587
CPC                   285         287        572
JCC                    282        289        571
FOCAL PLANES    251        279        530

The 2005 InterClub will be hosted by Churchville.

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The 2003 edition of the InterClub was hosted by Silver Lake on 4/28/2003. This year the Club Presidents decided to purchase special pins for InterClub participants, to encourage entries. Churchville decided to give pins to all members who submitted pictures for consideration, whether or not they were chosen to represent the club Each photographer was limited to a maximum of six entries, with three slides maximum and three prints maximum. The entries can be all for one club, or split among various clubs of which the photographer is a member. The Results were:

CPC                    314         295       609
NEWTOWN          316         271       587
JCC                    310         276       586
FOCAL PLANES     292        254        546

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The 2002 edition of the InterClub was hosted by Newtown Camera Club on Feb 21st. For the first time, entry lists were submitted to the secretary in advance of the contest evening, so the sign in process was much faster. Results were:

CPC                    353       343         696
NEWTOWN         353        341        694
JCC                    346        341        655
FOCAL PLANES    286        313        599

Once again the scores were incredibly close!

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The InterClub contest for the 2000-2001 Club year was the first held under the current set of rules, where each club submits 18 slides and 18 prints as entries, with members limited in the number each can enter. The Churchville entries were selected by committee instead of the entire membership. Originally scheduled for Feb 5th at Churchville, but twice delayed by winter weather, it was ultimately held at Silver Lake on 26 March 2001 The results were:

NEWTOWN          343        324        667
JCC                     345        302        647
CPC                     330        301        601
FOCAL PLANES     294         294       588