Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

SPOTLIGHT – Cheryl Bomba – May thru July 2024

Cheryl is a new member to our club.  Please welcome her!  Her images are special and unique and express [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Bruce Gaydos – April 2024

I'm thrilled to introduce a SPOTLIGHT article from one of our new members, Bruce Gaydos!
I really appreciate it when [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Craig Spielman – January-February 2024

Craig Spielman is one of our newer members.  His son, Alex, is our current president and somehow managed to [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Laurie Santoro – December 2023

We love learning about our members and how they became involved with photography.  Please take time to read Laurie's [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Jim Creighton – October 2023

We finally have a SPOTLIGHT for Jim Creighton. He's a long-term member and has finally agreed to share the [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Robby Tacheny – mid-August to mid-September 2023

Robby is our newest member and we'd all like to meet him (and his see his images of course)!  [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Barry Good’s Update – Mid May to mid-August 2023

We enjoy Barry's Facebook images and his thoughtful comments.  He had a SPOTLIGHT article in 2016, and it's time [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Steven Karp – mid-April thru mid-May 2023

Steven Karp is one of our newest members and I feel his images show the personality of his subjects.  [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Gene Cangiani – December 2022-March 2023

My photographic journey began relatively late in life.  Growing up, I had friends who were very into film photography [...]


Dianne Rose (our secretary) had graciously agreed to update her SPOTLIGHT article from over 20 yrs ago.  She provides [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Alex Spielman – July 2022

My name is Alex Spielman and I am a wildlife and nature photographer based in Philadelphia, PA.  I have [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Sara Pinkus – June 2022

I think that almost everyone knows Sara!  She's been with CPC for years, and I have to say, her [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Marty Golin – May 2022

We reintroduce Marty Golin, who inspires us with his strange and wonderful vision.  We smile often and wonder why [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Bharat Dixit – February & March 2022

Bharat joined our club recently and gave a 15 Minute of Fame preview of his work.  I'm very happy [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Carolyn & William Shoop – November & December 2021

We are the married photography team of Carolyn & William Shoop. In our approach to photography, we both lean [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Nancy Gomez – mid-May to mid-June 2020

Introducing Nancy Gomez.  Read all about her journey into film and digital photography.  Thank you Nancy for taking the [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Laura Brandt – mid April-May 2020

Introducing Laura Brandt with her SPOTLIGHT story!

I grew up in the City of Rochester, NY, the heart and soul [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Frumi Cohen – July thru mid-September 2018

Meet Frumi Cohen, one of our newest members to the Churchville Photography Club.  Here's her story...

I am a born [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Susan Kessler – Dec 2017 thru Jan 2018

A little about myself:

First a textile designer, then an architect, and now photographer. My life has been anything but [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Dutch Bagley – Aug thru Sept 2017

Dutch is one of our newest members and very talented.

Please log in to provide your comments and welcome him [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Joyce Goldberg – Sept thru Oct 2016

I’m a relative newcomer to the field of photography.  My first digital camera was a Panasonic point-and-shoot, which I [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Randy Kane – Dec 2015 thru Jan 2016


I have always loved photography, but my passionate obsession for it began [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Barry Good – June-July 2015

Barry Good is a new (and welcome) face at our club.  It's exciting to see his exceptional and unique [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Kathleen DiTanna – Jan-Feb 2015


When I retired from teaching (2011), I bought a DSLR camera (Canon [...]