Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

SPOTLIGHT – Scott Gordon – March 2020

One of our new members volunteered for our Spotlight for March 2020.  Read on and enjoy Scott Gordon's journey...

My [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Sarah Boser – December 2019

This is Sarah's it and you can sense her love of nature and you might even feel the [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Leigh Barras – November 2019

Leigh has been with our club for over a year and has agreed to step in for an unexpected [...]

Lily Padua – SPOTLIGHT – mid Sept thru Nov 2019

Lily joined our club shortly near the end of our 2019 meetings.  Read her story.  I'm thinking that we [...]

Kole Meinhart – SPOTLIGHT – mid July thru mid Sept 2019

Kole entered our 2019 Annual Contest and deservedly received the Director's Award. His winning image is included in his [...]

Diane Hirt – SPOTLIGHT – mid April-mid July 2019

Meet Diane Hirt.  Diane has graciously  agreed to share her images on our SPOTLIGHT.  Please take a look through [...]

Nancy Helmuth – SPOTLIGHT – mid-January 2019 to mid April

  Let's introduce you to Nanci!  Here's her journey.

I have always had a strong need to create whether in [...]

Marc McCann – SPOTLIGHT – mid Nov 2018 thru mid Jan 2019 – rediscover Marc

We decided to highlight and update Marc McCann under our Spotlight.  He's been with CPC since 2015 and we [...]

Susan Gotshall – SPOTLIGHT – mid Sept thru mid Nov 2018 – Suzan SL Gottshall


Born in North Philadelphia Suzan Schwartz, best known as Suzan SL Gottshall shares a compassion for art in many [...]

Frumi Cohen – SPOTLIGHT – July thru mid-September 2018

Meet Frumi Cohen, one of our newest members to the Churchville Photography Club.  Here's her story...

I am a born [...]

Susan Kessler – SPOTLIGHT – Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

A little about myself:

First a textile designer, then an architect, and now photographer. My life has been anything but [...]

Dutch Bagley – SPOTLIGHT – Aug thru Sept 2017

Dutch is one of our newest members and very talented.

Please log in to provide your comments and welcome him [...]

Heather Baker – SPOTLIGHT – June thru July 2017

Get to know one of our newer members, Heather Baker. Read her brief bio on her photographic journey below...

I'm [...]

Gary Glassman, M.D. – SPOTLIGHT – Mar thru Apr 2017

As a full time ER Physician I use photography to escape from the daily craziness I encounter in the [...]

Joyce Goldberg – SPOTLIGHT – Sept thru Oct 2016

I’m a relative newcomer to the field of photography.  My first digital camera was a Panasonic point-and-shoot, which I [...]

JUNE – AUG 2016 – Tom Pezzicara

I’ve been fascinated with cameras since I was a young child. I started with a Kodak box camera and [...]

APR – MAY 2016 – Langdon Towne


I remember getting interested in photography at a very young age.  I [...]

FEB – MAR 2016 – Jean McKenna


I’ve enjoyed taking photos for over 50 years, however, since I [...]

2015 Dec- 2016 Jan – Randy Kane


I have always loved photography, but my passionate obsession for it began [...]

2015 – Oct-Nov – Marc McCann

Our newest member is Marc McCann and like many of us, he has an eye for capturing the surrounding [...]

2015 – Aug-Sept – Robert Seidman

Never have I met someone who joined a club and immediately understood what membership meant. Robert joined our Planning [...]

2015 – June-July – Barry Good

Barry Good is a new (and welcome) face at our club.  It's exciting to see his exceptional and unique [...]

2015 Apr-May – Frank King

In April and May our SPOTLIGHT is on Frank King!  He's one of our newer members and we're happy to have him step into the SPOTLIGHT and share his vision.

Like many members of the photo clubs, I have been interested in photography for many years but because of work and raising 4 kids, I could never seem to find the time to pursue my interest.  Less than 2 years ago, I finally decided to dedicate the time and resources needed to learn photography.


2015 Jan-Feb – Kathleen DiTanna


When I retired from teaching (2011), I bought a DSLR camera (Canon [...]