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First Digital Photography Competition

Winners of the First Churchville Photography Club Digital Competition were announced June 3rd 2024 via a zoom meeting moderated [...]

Monday May 20th High Key / Low Key and OPEN

Tonight’s contest was for High Key images, Low Key images and OPEN.  Originally the contest was conceived to have [...]

Monday March 4 2024 Flowers and Open

The contest for tonight had the themes of FLOWERS and OPEN.  The judge was Henry Rowan (Website:  He [...]

Monday Jan 15, 2024 Household items and OPEN

The first contest of 2024 was judged by Club Vice-President Marty Golin who gave thoughtful comments on each entry.

Things [...]

Monday Oct 2 2023 DUALITY and OPEN

The contest was judged by Rick Wright who gave excellent commentary on each entry before making his selections... There [...]

Monday June 5 2023 Club Contest FACES and OPEN / Judge Rick Wright

The program for the evening was a contest with the categories of FACES and OPEN.  The judge was Rick [...]

Monday, March 20, 2023 – Club Contest / WATER & OPEN – Judge Paul Edelkamp


1st  Kathi DiTanna  Poppy with water droplets  (BEST OF SHOW)

2nd Ron Forsstrom    Dark waterfall

3rd  Steve Karp  Lake tree and [...]

2023 Jan 16 contest Black and White AND Open

The judge for the evening's contest was Rick Wright


Black and White (42 images)


1st  Alex Spielman - Ape


2nd John Stritzinger [...]

2022 Oct 3 Contest TOTALLY OPEN – RESULTS

The meeting tonight was held as a ZOOM meeting.  This contest's theme was TOTALLY OPEN. 
The judge was Paul Grecian [...]

May 16 2022 Architecture and OPEN

The judge for this evening's competition was Rick Wright (his website:

Architecture (32 entries)

1st  Laura Brandt   "Knowledge Portal"  (The [...]

2022 March 21 RED (or Anger) and OPEN

RED (or ANGER) had 39 entries


1st  Marlene Mendez   “Reality vs. Reflection”


2nd  Frumi Cohen   “Color, Lines and Sparrow”


3rd  Marlene Mendez  [...]

2022 January 17 Fall Colors and OPEN

Mark Schermeister who presented the program in October, "Guide for Shooting Fall Colors" was the judge for the evening. [...]

2021 October 18 Contest Results / Motion and OPEN

The judge for tonight’s contest is Kathy Peoples who has been a professional photographer in the area for many [...]

2021 June 7 Contest / Flowers and Open

The evening’s program was a contest (with critique) by Jim Christensen   -    Jim worked at the I B M [...]

2021 – January 18 Contest TREES and OPEN

The program tonight was a contest with the categories of TREES and OPEN judged by Rick Wright.  Rick viewed [...]

2020 – October 19 – BLACK AND WHITE and OPEN

The contest for October 19th was judged by Barbara Warren.  The categories were Black and White and OPEN.

Blank and [...]

2020 – Jan 20 – SHADOW and OPEN

The evening program was a contest with the categories of SHADOW and OPEN.
Our judge was Valerie Pfaff  - website: [...]

2019 – October 21 – GLASSWARE and OPEN

The program for the October 21st meeting was a contest judged by Rich Dunoff, who worked as a commercial [...]


Special Thanks to the following sponsors:
*  ALLEN’S CAMERA, Levittown PA
*  NEW HOPE CAMERA, New Hope [...]

2019 April 15 – RURAL and OPEN

The program for the evening was a contest judged by Henry Rowan (  The contest was RURAL and OPEN


1st [...]



 sponsored by the Churchville Photography Club

 The winning photographic prints are on exhibit at Churchville Nature Center, April [...]

2018 April 16th – Motion and Open

The evening's contest was judged by Philip "Dutch" Bagley

Motion (22 entries)

1st Moody leaves – Kathy DiTanna (BEST OF SHOW)

2nd   [...]

2018 January 16th – Solitude and Open

The evening's contest was judged by Mike Riddle of the South Jersey Camera Club.

OPEN (9 entries)

1st.  Jean McKenna – [...]

2017 May 15 Night photography and Open

The evening's contest was judged by Rick Wright, who gave very detailed and interesting critiques of each image.

Night Photography [...]