We need to fill the SPOTLIGHT for the club term September 2023 to August 2024.  Our first priority is to schedule in new members for this opportunity to introduce yourself and your images to our members. HOWEVER....

IF a new member does not volunteer, we are accepting images from our current members with an older SPOTLIGHT article that is more than five (5) years old. Email Janet Hickey or use the CONTACT US link below. Take a look at the schedule, and let me know which month you'd like to post your revamped/updated SPOTLIGHT.

It's easy...
Provide a head and shoulder portrait image (horizontal please approximately 4x6 size, and provide 20 of your (projection size) images so that we can add them to the SPOTLIGHT article.
You will include a short explanation of your journey - how you became interested in photography. You can add your preferred subjects/interests and include information on your camera/lenses if you'd like.  We'd love to see you share your vision!

2023-2024 beginning September 2023 thru August 2024 - August is counted as our summer break)

Mid-August 2023- mid-September 2023 - Robby Tacheny
Gallery link: 

October 2023 - November 2023 - Jim Creighton
Gallery link:

December 2023 - Laurie Santoro
Gallery link:

January - March 2024 - Carl Spielman
Gallery link:

April 2024 - Bruce Gaydos
Gallery link:

May, June, July 2024 - Cheryl Bomba
Gallery link: https://cherylbomba.zenfolio.com/

August - September 2024 - David Rodstein
Gallery link:

Link here to Review all member Spotlights!  Enjoy the images and great stories about our members' personal journeys in photography.

Interested?!  Use the link Contact us to get on the schedule.