Saturday, August 6th, 6:30 a.m. (yes, a.m.)
Lambertville, NJ

On the appointed day, nine people with good alarm clocks appeared early in the morning. Several were repeats from previous sunflower shoots, indicating either the continuing attraction of the subject or intractable group insomnia. Organizer and sunflower enthusiast, Janet Hickey, unfortunately could not make it due to illness (or was the real reason a malfunctioning alarm clock?).

The trick is to get there early enough for light, but before the sun warms the air and starts the wind currents moving the plants....early.

ira_01_opt   warren_sun5_opt   warren_sun3

warren_sun1_opt   mary_ann_06_opt   mary_ann_04_opt

mary_ann_03_opt   ira_08_opt

ira_07_opt   ira_06_opt   ira_04_opt


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