One very pretty June 21st day, several members met in Hilltown, Central Bucks County, PA to observe some of the birds at Lake Galena in Peace Valley Nature Center, and to get an up close look at the Lavender farm across from the park.

The park, with its two bird blinds and many trails, offered plenty of opportunities for wildlife and bird-watching.  A few of us walked the recently paved path from the Nature Center to meet up with the rest of the group at the Lavender Farm.  Later that day some folks returned for a tour of the Lavender Farm.

Photos by  Anita Fanic, Jan Goltz, Felix Gomes, Jean McKenna, Susan Rachlin, and Dianne Rose

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lavender up close   lavender   Peace Valley Lavendar Farm

jan peace valley 1   080621_grosbeaks_jmm_pvnc   Peace Valley Lavendar Farm

Peace Valley Lavender Farm   jan peace valley 2 resized  2008_06_21cpc_lav_035r_resized