This month's member Spotlight:
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Paul Stout - Yardley
Free Lance Photographer

For the most part, I'm a Photographic Journalist and there's a story in my photos.

The images here are a sample from a Rhine Cruise, a visit to PARX Race Track, Fort McHenry, MD, and a NASCAR car race at Dover, DE.

The camera that I use is a Canon Rebel XT, 8mp. It has served me well over the years, even though in this age of digital technology, advances have made its flash card obsolete. That's okay because I'm still learning of all the bells and whistles of the camera.  Even as technology moves forward, this camera works well.

For my real estate work, I use a 7mp camera to take videos of the houses I list, and a 12mp video camera for general announcements on the internet.

The thing I like about the CPC is seeing the photos that everyone takes.  It's from these photos that I learn. Also, when opportunities appear for photo courses/work shops, I seek them out.

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