2010 October 4th Contest - Rainy Days and Open

The contest for October 4 2010 was judged by Dan Creighton.

RAINY DAYS / PRINTS - approx. 7 images

H Lovitz rainy day
1st  Hy Lovitz - Misty Landscape

(image not available)
2nd Jocelyn Canfield - Pastel flowers
(image not available)
3rd John Scibetta - Black and white cars

(image not available)
HM Cindy Schick – Rainy Days and Mondays

OPEN / PRINTS - approx. 8 images

(image not available)
1st  Jocelyn Canfield - B&W house

(image not available)
2nd Bennett Povlow  - Roebling Still Life

(image not available)
3rd Arlene Renee Finston - Staccato I
(image not available)
HM Rick Kobylinski - Rollercoaster
(image not available)
HM  John Scibetta – Egret

RAINY DAYS / DIGITAL - 22 images

J Mckenna-rain_on_deck_abstract
1st Jean McKenna – Rainy day on the deck

M HIckey-rain on leaf
2nd Michael Hickey – Water on an autumn leaf

A Fanic colorful umbrellas
3rd Anita Fanic – Italian women under umbrellas

HM Roger Clymans – Leaf on pebbles

HM Sandy Uzelmeier – Green Grass

HM Janet Hickey – Smokies sunset

OPEN - DIGITAL - 28 images

S Holliday twobathersc
1st Sharlene Holliday – Sunbathers (BEST OF SHOW)

B Stroup spheresof influence
2nd Bill Stroup – Spheres of influence

M Rosen_legand_general
3rd Mickie Rosen – Legend

HM Jack Fedorko – Yellow door

HM Charlie Liu – Fishing boat heading to shore

HM Marty Golin - Chairs