Christmas in Bucks County, Pa is not complete without the annual trek to Lahaska's Peddler's Village to see the lights, bask in the ambiance of the Season, do a little shopping, and maybe even stop for a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in the area.With the goal of shooting the Christmas-y sights a group of us set off to do just that on a very cold December evening a week before Christmas. There was Jocelyn Canfield and her husband Steve Cohen, Janet Hickey, and me and my husband Jay.  Only three of us were actually shooting. Not much of a group but this wasn't a night for the feint at heart, the temps were in the 20s and I for one was jealous of Janet's self-fashioned neoprene leg covers which made her tripod much more pleasing to handle than my own frigid apparatus.

First stop was the Gingerbread exhibition at the Gazebo. It was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the themes offered up by a variety of age and skill levels. After that we walked a bit, each of us shooting what tickled our photographic fancy from store windows to trees adorned with hundreds of sparkling lights.A quick stop for some warm apple cider, then a little more walking before we were all looking for some place warm to sit down for a bit, which we found at the Café Galleria across Rte 202 at Penn's Purchase. A quick bite to eat and we were ready to call it a night anxious for the warmth of our vehicles and safe in the knowledge we wouldn't HAVE to do this again for another year. Maybe it will be warmer! 🙂

Jean McKenna

Images by Jocelyn Canfield

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Images by Janet Hickey

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Images by Jean McKenna

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