On a rare Friday afternoon meetup in Bryn Athyn, our group of fourteen took shelter from the rain by basking in the history and splendor of the Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Glencairn Museum. The grounds, though well kept, were a bit soggy and the flowers that will adorn the grounds in the next few weeks and months were barely evident but no matter there was plenty to hold our attention indoors.

The magnificence of the Cathedral  alone was worth the trip, though we wanted to see the Tibetan Monk who worked on a mandala in the Glencairn Museum across the road and up the hill as well.

Our cathedral guide, Bob, who has a familial connection to Bryn Athyn through his grandfather, relayed the history of the area and the building with several anecdotal stories. As promised we were permitted to set up tri-pods and "shoot" away and so we did.  From a little bit back in the pack it looked as if we were ants scurrying about in search of some morsel to chew; in this case, the morsel being a piece of furniture, another view of the altar, or a lovely stained glass window.

When we'd had our fill we drove in the rain up the hill to the museum where some of our group took the guided museum tour which covered floors and rooms of the castle-like structure, above the first level. Those not on the tour spent some time watching  as Lama (teacher) Losan Samten created an intricate mandala according to a two-thousand plus year old design, mapped out and memorized by him over years of study, and which was scheduled to be "disassembled" on the following Sunday. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to use tri-pods nor flash in the museum, which coupled with height of the table on which he worked, and the fact that he wore a protective mask, made photo-capture a bit of a challenge.

Thanks to everyone who attended for sharing in the experience.From the comments, I think we all found the trip enjoyable and in fact many  of us talked about a return visit when the weather is warmer and the grounds more picturesque. Below are a some of the images we were able to capture. We hope you enjoy them.

Trip Leader, Jean McKenna
Trip participants: Elaine Barkan, Laurel Bloch, Laura Brandt, Mary Eby, Arlene Renee Finston, Vita Forlenza, Sharlene Holliday, Frank Jolly, Marlene Mendez, Susan Rachlin, Dianne Rose, John Stritzinger,  and Sandra Uzelmeier.

Images by John Stritzinger:

brynathyntrip-johnstritzinger-doorangel   brynathyntrip-johnstritzinger-wheremonksandpainted  

Images by Dianne Rose:

der_bryna0001   der_bryna0002 

Images by Sharlene Holliday:

dsc_0579 sh resized   dsc_0611d sh resized  

Images by Jean McKenna:

jmm_dsc_0075_resized   jmm_dsc_0004resized

Images by Susan Rachlin      

srachlin_mg_0084_resized   srachlin_mg_0042_resized

Images by Laurel Bloch:

lb2    lb1 

Images by Frank Jolly:

dove-doors    monk and sand painting

Images by Marlene Mendez:

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  Images by Susan Uzelmeirer:

  ba1_sm   ba7_sm

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