2011 April 18th Contest - Trash and Open


The contest for April 18th 2011 was judged by Chuck Thomas.  He has been a staff photographer in five newspapers across the US, and serves now as manager for the Courier and Intelligencer.

TRASH - PRINTS - 4 entries

(image not available)
1st Mary Eby – Old building with torn curtain


(image not available)
2nd Jim Creighton – Trash in the woods

OPEN - PRINTS - 8 entries
(image not available)
1st John Scibetta – B&W Monarch meets Dahlia

(image not available)
2nd Jim Creighton – architectural reflections

(image not available)
3rd Ed Koehler – Rim lighting, Oregon 2009

(image not available)
HM Rick Kobylinski – Grandmother and newborn

TRASH - DIGITAL - 17 entries

B Powlow BOS-trash1
1st Bennett Povlow – trash – (Best of Show

B Powlow Bambi
2nd Bennett Povlow – Bambi’s Organic Cleaner

J Hickey_tree-on-truck
3rd Janet Hickey – Tree crushing truck

S Uzelmeier-abandoned bldg
HM Sandra Uzelmeir – Abandoned building


F Gomes_grafitti trash.jpg
HM Felix Gomes – Graffiti and trash

OPEN - DIGITAL - 27 entries

R Clymens weaver
1st Roger Clymans - Weaver on nest

J Goldberg_window washers
2nd Joan Greenberg – Window washers

M HIckey_fence-and-field
3rd Michael Hickey – Cades Cove fence and field

J Goltz_flamingo
HM Jan Goltz - Flamingo

CCoffee_cone flower
HM Cheryl Coffee – Coneflower

DER Italian_bride
HM Dianne Rose – bridal couple and photographer