Dianne Rose
Yardley, PA

I bought my first 35mm camera in 1979, after going to Germany with a little Kodak Instamatic, and sitting through a
two hour 33mm slide show of wonderful shots my German cousins had taken on their tour of the Western US the summer
before. Then and there I knew a better camera would be my first purchase when I returned home. I also thought "what a way to get good ideas for sketching." Well, over 600 rolls of film later (and over 50,000 digital images) I have not yet  picked up a sketch pad. Most of those images are of dogs, horses, and kids, with as many shots from trips to interesting spots as I can manage.  These include several wonderful vacations throughout the US including Alaska, Germany and most recently Italy.

I was very happy with film, and adamant that I was not going over to the “dark side” of digital, until fellow photo club members showed me the error of my ways,  and I started with one of their cast-off Canon compact models.  A digital SLR became a necessary purchase in 2007 when an 8 week old border collie came into our family, and those same friends proved to me that the SLR could capture the puppy in motion where the point and shoot just could not react fast enough.  It already had been obvious that the point and shoot models were not up to the type of photography I liked to do for when I first tried to capture a horse jumping I pushed the shutter as I would with my film camera, and what I saw on the computer screen was two puffs of dust were the horse’s feet HAD been, and the end of his tail as he had exited the frame.

I have enjoyed participating in the club and interclub contests, and have entered a few outside contests with some success.  Several years ago a fall scene along Pineville Road was published in Pennsylvania Magazine after it won Honorable Mention in one of their contests.  Images have also been published in the Frankford Hospital newspaper, and in The Horse of the Delaware Valley, with photos that won several Honorable Mention awards and one Third Place in their annual contest.  At the 2008 NECCC, my Open entry of a horse in the Devon Horse Show ring at night won the “Best Digital Manipulation” award.  In 1998 an image of a butterfly taken on a club field trip won Honorable Mention in the BetzDearborn photo contest for employees globally and was published in the corporate calendar.  I have been a featured artist at a program sponsored by the Lower Makefield Society of the Arts.

Over the years I have also won Best of Show and the Director’s Award at the Churchville Annual contest, several first place awards at the Silver Lake Annual Contest, and back in the early 80s a first place in the NJ Horse Art contest.  More recently I have put together two Fifteen Minute of Fame programs for the club, a introduction to photography one hour program with Susan Rachlin that we presented to two area public library audiences, and worked on the program about  Tuscany and Venice with Marlene Mendez, Anita Fanic, and Susan Rachlin and trip leader Marty Malgieri. Now my goals are to learn more about Adobe Photoshop Elements, and to do a much better job at identifying my good images and deleting all the rest!  One knows this is important when a 500gig external back up drive is no longer sufficient.

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