Nothing like an early morning stroll through a Victorian cemetery. Back then, cemeteries were designed to be places to come visit your relatives (albeit the dead ones), and enjoy a stroll, or a picnic overlooking the Schuykill River. We just modified this to include photography. All of the famous dead Philadelphians are there – the Biddles, the Girards, the Wideners, Harry Kalas, and even Adrian Balboa (well, sort of). There are numerous heroes from a variety of wars, including General George Meade, and even a few unfortunate Titanic passengers. The headstones and monuments are ornate, large and unusual. There are crypts, vaults, beautiful stained glass windows, and… was that a ghost? You could spend days, and never see the entire park. Rolling hills, views of the crewers practicing on the river, joggers on the river drives, an abundance of photographic subjects. The day ended with a stop at the Manayunk Diner for a great lunch.

Images by Susan Rachlin:

laurel hill sir1   laurel hill sir7

Images by Dianne Rose:

lh-der_0001    lh-der_0003

lh-der_0004   lh-der_0005

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