2013 February 4th Contest - Hands and Feet

The contest for February 4, 2013 was judged by Paul Grecian.

HANDS (22 digital images, 2 prints)

1st_hands_mlr_hands feeding bird
1st Mickie Rosen, Hands offering


2nd Marlene Mendez,  Guitar Player


3rd_hands-jmc-old womans hands
3rd Jocelyn Canfield, Experienced Hands

hm_hands_sap_piano hands
HM Sara Pinkus – Hands on the piano keys

hm_hands_aje man walking past picture
HM Anthony Esposito – Man walking by framed hands on the street

FEET (22 digital images, 2 prints)


1st  best_feet_jpl_feet with drinks
1st Jenn Linda – Feet with drinks (BEST OF SHOW)

2nd Sharlene Holiday – Feet are closer than they seem


3rd_feet_meg-1 feet and shadows
3rd Marty Golin – Feet and shadows


hm_feet_jlh shower feet
HM Janet Hickey – Shower feet

hm_feetjim creighton_feet at the pool
HM Jim Creighton – Feet by the pool