Although this was not exactly a 'trip', this winter encouraged some of our photographers to take snowy images.  Giving

tribute to the effort it took to brave the extremely low temperators this year, we decided to incorporate the snow

events of 2014 into our Trip Memoirs. After was a shared event!

This year was extraordinary in number of snow days.  We still think we have another storm to brave, and given the

chance of wet snow sticking to trees (once again), you might want to continue to build the images you collected!

This is for our 2014 year - thank you for giving us your visions and thank the animals and feathered friends for

coming back north...maybe a little too early. (written by Janet Hickey)


Images by Mary Golin:

snowmarty-tree snowmarty-tracks

snowmarty-shovel snowmarty-map

snowmarty-leaves snowmarty-cracks


Images by Dianne Rose:

snow-der_scotch snow-der_rum snow-der_ice

snow der_del river02  snow der_del river01


Images by Rick Kobylinski:

snow pics_rrk_tyler state park snow pics_rrk_stream from dingman falls snow pics_rrk_dingmans falls snow pics_rrk_ tyler state park 2


Images by Roger Clymans:

snow-r clymans-chalfont snow2-r clymans-chalfont


Images by Anita Fanic:

snow_anita fanic_woods in ice snow_anita fanic_snowy creek snow_anita fanic_ glowing retreat

snow_anita fanic_ gazebo in winter


Images by Kathy DiTanna:


snow_kad_backyard1      snow_kad_backyard3 



Images by Marlene Mendez:

snow_marlene mendez_schuylkill river_0351 snow_marlene mendez_moravian tiles_7141 snow_marlene mendez_holland_7050 snow_marlene mendez_holland_0436 snow_marlene mendez_going nowhere_7041cs6 snow_marlene mendez_from my balcony_0205 snow_marlene mendez_doylestown_4256 snow_marlene mendez_doylestown_0221 snow_marlene mendez_bristol rd_7105_v2

Images from Sharlene Holliday:

snowshollidaycuttaloosafarm snowshollidaydeercrossing snowshollidaygate