I have always loved photography, but my passionate obsession for it began when I decided to take a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska in February 2014 to view and photograph the Aurora Borealis. I was so fascinated by that trip that I returned there in February 2015, and hope to do a third trip there in February or March 2016. To spend hours under the Alaskan night sky in subzero temperatures to get pictures is, at least in my book, dedication.
Whenever I plan a vacation, photographic opportunities are first and foremost. I’m not one who would be content to simply lie in a hammock under a tropical beach. I would much rather be walking down the beach taking photos of natural elements that lie before me in my view.
My favorite subjects for photography, in approximate order starting with the first would be
1.    Aurora Borealis (requires a long flight to see). I’ve been to Alaska in Fevruary 2014 and February 2015 for this.
2.    The Milky Way galaxy – it was the primary reason I traveled to Utah in August 2015.
3.    Lightning – I have several night shots and I’m still looking for my first day opportunity.
4.    Sunsets and sunrises
5.    Waterfalls
6.    Abandoned houses, farms and other buildings
7.    Birds, particularly larger ones encountered at wildlife refuges
8.    Trees, shrubs and flowers
9.    Frogs, snakes and other amphibians and reptiles
10.    Rock formations
11.    Fireworks
12.    Musicians on stage
There are many things I have yet to photograph, and on my bucket list are:
1.    Active volcanoes (Kilauea in Hawaii most likely)
2.    Alaskan glaciers
3.    Mayan pyramids of the Yucatan
4.    The Andes
5.    Cuba (particularly for the old American cars)
My current equipment is a Nikon D-5200 SLR with a Tamron 18-270mm  f3.5-6.3 lens for primary shooting and a Tokina 11-16mm, f2.8 lens for night sky photography and occasional other uses. I generally shoot raw and if the subject matter is very important and the light gradient challenging I will often bracket my pictures in exposure time. Some of my favorite photo spots in our vicinity include Morris Arboretum, Longwood Gardens, Cheston Robbins Nature Preserve in Ambler, and John Heinz Wildlife Refuge near Philadelphia International Airport.
The pictures I’ve presented were taken anywhere from 500 yards to 40

00 miles from my Ambler residence.  I hope you enjoy them!   

SPOT-rwk020NYHarborSunsetNY10272013   SPOT-rwk019SunsetLBINJ07172015

SPOT-rwk018SpiderChestonPA08092015    SPOT-rwk017NYHarborNY10272013

SPOT-rwk016RickettsGlenPA10152015    SPOT-rwk015LightningNC07052015

SPOT-rwk014FrogFlowerChestonPA06112015    SPOT-rwk013HeronsEgretsDucksHeinzWRPA08012015

SPOT-rwk012DriftwoodVA10302015    SPOT-rwk011BuddyGuyChicagoIL01052014

SPOT-rwk010MWBryceCynPA08182015    SPOT-rwk009BlueHeronsHeinzWillifePreservePA08012015

SPOT-rwk008OrangeAzaleaMorrisArboretumPA05202015    SPOT-rwk007AuroraAK02172015

SPOT-rwk006AuroraAK02142015    SPOT-rwk005MilkyWayArchesUT08152015

SPOT-rwk004DevilsGardenArchesUT08142015    SPOT-rwk003archesUT08142015