When I retired from teaching (2011), I bought a DSLR camera (Canon Rebel) and joined the Churchville Photography Club. This was the beginning of photography as a hobby. At the first meeting of CPC in September 2011, I became seriously interested in the art of photography. The CPC member talent was amazing and really motivated me to want to learn more about photography. I started taking as many classes/workshops as I could. I began entering the challlenges and critiques that CPC offered and started asking questions to everyone about the photo process.

It wasn't until I purchased my Canon 100mm Macro lens that I really became obsessed with photography. When I began training at Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve as a naturalist, my photography blossomed. Macro + nature was all I could think about. I loved taking photos of the natural habitat at Bowman's Wildflower Preserve. Documenting the specimens helped me with identification. My own garden became a photography workshop, as I photographed everything from flowers to bees. Visiting botanical gardens, wildlife preserves, nature centers, garden tours all over the U.S. became a mission to me.

Trips, scavenger hunts, workshops, speakers, and the huge support from my CPC friends, have helped me grow confident in my ablities as a photographer. I am learning more about photograpy as an artistic medium. I just purchased the lensbaby kit/macro converter which is helping me experiment with some dreamy effects. Lightroom and photoshop are in the future.

Have I photographed landscapes, people, waterfalls, buildings, birds, and streets? Yes! but pure and simple I am a macro fanatic! I love those tiny images! I love being outdoors photographing nature up close! Follow me on Instagram @teachkd.

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