The 2019 Interclub Competition was held April 24th at the Huntingdon Valley Public Library, hosted by the Huntingdon Valley Camera Club.  Congraduations to Doylestown who won with 644 points.  Cheltenham was 2nd with 629 points, besting Churchville by one point (628 points).  Fourth place was Focal Planes with 619 points and Huntingdon Valley was 597. The judges were Barbara Warren. Dafydd Jones and Carl Geisler.  The high point winners with images garnering 26 points were CPC members Sandra Uzelmeier (for an image submitted for HVV) and Heather Baker (for an image submitted for Focal Planes.  Barbara Taylor of Doylestown also had an image awarded 26 points.  The High scoring images  with 25 points for Churchville were both in the Simplicity Category from Marty Golin and Ron Forsstrom.


The images that were selected to represent Churchville and the points received are posted below:


Sharlene Holliday Heartland 22 points

Kathleen Walker Woman with umbrella 16 points

Kathleen Walker Jelly Fish 23 points

John Stritzinger Blue Morphos Butterfly 22 points

Joyce Goldberg Lizard on curtain 23 points

Dianne Rose God rays in the Smokies 20 points


Michael Hickey Cade's Cove 22 points

Marlene Mendez Guitar face 22 points

Kathy DiTanna Ferris Wheel CE 21 points

Sharlene Holliday Houses on the wall 19 points

Sandy Uzelmeier Flower 23 points

Ron Forsstrom Austin Autopsy 21 points

Michael Hickey Longwood gazebo 18 points

Barry Good Golden stairwell 21 points

Ron Forsstrom Archway lights 19 points

Marlene Mendez Red Sculpture 20 points

Nancy Hellmuth Ferris Wheel LU 20 points

Marty Golin Too Many lights 23 points



Barry Good license plates 18 points

Barry Good birds 24 points

Kathy DiTanna amusement ride 19 points

Ron Forsstrom Pittsburgh zoom 22 points

Ron Forsstrom Midnight swirl 19 points

Kathy DiTanna Woman on steps 18 points


Marlene Mendez Chair and tablecloth 21 points

Janice Edelman Matchbox 19 points

Marty Golin Chinese Face 25 points

Barry Good Foggy Sandbar 19 points

Ron Forsstrom Oculus 25 points

Marty Golin Venetian blinds and lamp base 21 points