The judge for tonight’s contest is Kathy Peoples who has been a professional photographer in the area for many years and owner of Katydid Photography.

The categories are MOTION and OPEN

MOTION (40 entries)

1st  Michael Hickey  -- Autumnal brushstrokes


2nd John Stritzinger – Black and white tree and clouds

3rd Sandy Uzelmeier – Zoom of bottle caps

HM Ron Forrstrom – Water flowing over stones

HM Joyce Goldberg – Tohickon kayaker

HM Laura Brandt – Tulips

HM Anita Fanic – Dance of the Egret



OPEN – (34 entries)

1st Sandy Uzelmeier – Galactic (metal coils in air) (BEST OF SHOW)

2nd Anita Fanic – The beauty of aging (Lily)

3rd Frumi Cohen – Spoonbill Dream

HM Michael Hickey – Autumn Tree closeup

HM Sandy Uzelmeier  Graeme Park stone building

HM Ron Forrstrom - Swimming with Salvador Dali

HM Steve Karp – Black and white windows on the National Building