Our first club contest of the year is here.

As always, we have an Open Category (Images can be of any theme) and a Main Theme Category. The Main Theme for this contest is “Motion”.

This year we are allowing members to submit a total of four images, if they wish, with a max of two images in each category. In other words, you can submit two (2) images of “Motion” and two (2) images in the Open category. Of course, you may submit less than two in either category.

DEADLINE: Upload on the Saturday before the meeting - October 16th.

NAMING IS CRITICAL this time as the InterClub images will be mixed in to the cache with our themed contest images and we have to sort them properly for the Oct 17th deadline for the InterClub. 
(In this situation, there is a Motion and Open category for the InterClub too.  If you want to use the same images, just follow the naming protocol for these two categories for both the themed Motion Contest and the Interclub Contest.)

Theme Name & Open -  Category last name first initial and number finally a title.
NAMING examples:  (include a title at the end - if you win an award this makes it easy to quickly post results to the website.)
MOTIONHickeyJ01 Rushing Water in the Smoky Mountains (and 02 if submitting two images in Motion).  Do NOT use MOT as an abbreviation - that is being used for the InterClub category on Motion.
OPENHickeyJ01 Forest Dreamscape (and 02 if submitting two images in Open).
This meets the max allowed of a total of four (4} images per person with a max of two (2) per category.

SIZING: JPEG or JPG format.
Horizontals - no more than 1600 px wide. 
Verticals - no more than 1200 px tall.  
TOTAL FILE SIZE and UPLOAD: If you have trouble uploading an image, it's usually because the total file size is over 2M. A warning will show up; cancel the upload.  Try again by reopening your original, and downsize to the proper dimensions and drop the 'quality' slider.  Watch for the file size to get close to 2M, save as a jpeg or jpg and rename it and save; add your file and start the upload again. 

Each category will have a First, Second & Third Place Winner plus some Honorable Mentions and then the First Place images from the “Motion” category and the Open category will be judged against each other for the Best in Show Honors. Start getting those images ready.

If you need assistance, please contact Janet Hickey or Dianne Rose.