Mark Schermeister who presented the program in October, "Guide for Shooting Fall Colors" was the judge for the evening. He carefully went through all 92 entries giving thoughtful critiques of each image.

FALL  COLOR (46 images)

1st  John Stritzinger  Fall color in Colorado (birch tree swipe)

2nd Sharlene Holliday  Log cabin in a meadow

3rd Sara Pincus  One Autumn Leaf

HM Laura Rainville  Taste of Fall (deer munching a leaf)

HM Laura Rainville Canal Colors

HM  Bharat Dixit  Lake reflection

OPEN (46 images)

1st Anita Fanic Pieces of Time (watch back and gears)  BEST OF SHOW

2nd Sandy Uzelmeier Construction Cable Weave

3rd Janet Hickey  Tangled Roots

HM Ron Forsstrom Space Oddity (junk yard auto parts)

HM Sandy Uzelmeier Dancing to the music

HM Dutch Bagley Follow the light