On very windy Sunday, eleven Club members met with Andre' Gallant for a workshop on his "Inspiration" techniques. We started the day at Paxson Hill Farm Nursery for a short lecture in a renovated farm building, and then adjourned for a photo shoot in their main greenhouse to practice techniques on panning, creating a sense of movement in the images, and in finding textures and subjects to use in composite images.  We found many choices among the wonderful selection of specimen plants in bloom. Outdoor choices also abounded if you wanted to brave the high winds!  Tripods were definitely not necessary. After a group shot, including the farm's two turkey mascots, we adjourned for a wonderful lunch at 59 Almhouse, a new restaurant in Richboro.

Below...Andre' demonstrating isolating the image from the background.  This will give you the subject image with plenty of space around the subject to apply the textured layer.  We discussed creating a file of textures for our use in compositing images, isolating our subjects in preparation for the montage, panning subjects and swipes, jiggles, and the Nike swoop.  I think we've decided that for the next year we may be working more on our out-of-focus work and gathering textures.  He truly inspired our group!

DER-Andre web

We reviewed our images, created some composites, and solicited comments from Andre'.  Some of our work is below.  It was a wonderful day.

Thanks to Andre' for offering his valuable instruction, to Paxson Hill Farm Nursery for hosting the photo shoot, and to 59 Almshouse for graciously allowing us the use of their meeting room for the entire afternoon while serving some marvelous sandwiches and truly awesome desserts.  Thanks to Mary Ann for convincing Andre' into making the trip down from Canada, and to Janet and Marlene for securing the spaces.

Andre' also self-published three books which you can find on his website.  Look for the workshops too!
Purchase them on his website: http://www.andregallant.com/books

From Kathy DiTanna:

DiTanna 1879    Ditanna K_1871

Ditanna K_1872    DiTanna_1882

From MaryAnn Durso:

Durso MA MG_2039    Durso MA_1913

Durso MA_1985textre    Durso MA_2007text



From Anita Fanic:

Fanic Art in Motion   Fanic Floral Composite

Fanic Floral Impression   Fanic Glowing Forsythia   Fanic Peacock feathers


From Janet Hickey:

Janet Hickey_1080764_1538    Janet Hickey_1080768_1542

Janet Hickey_1080782_1556     Janet Hickey_1080827_1601

Janet Hickey_1080818_1592


From Jean McKenna:

McKenna DSC_0397    McKenna Hellebore montage

McKenna Tree Stand    McKenna_0349


From Sara Pinkus:

Pinkus S117    Pinkus S 109

PInkus S 125    PInkus S 126

PInkus S composite 52-78-2

From Susan Rachlin:

Rachlin _0407      Rachline_0253mod_1


Rachlin 0378mod    Rachlin 0416_1   Rachlin_0467mod


From Dianne Rose:

Rose DE_4723    ROSE DE_4862

ROSE DE_4889 text       ROSE-DSC_4759bark