THIS WILL BE A ZOOM ONLY MEETING, the CNC will not be open.  This is a digital video presentation which has been highly recommended by some of our members who have viewed the program before.

David duChemin downloads this FREE program to photography clubs to help us in our understanding of what he considers the "heart" of the photograph.
The ZOOM presentation will begin at 7:00PM.  A ZOOM invitation email will be sent to our members and will begin at 7:00 PM; sign in before it starts.

Website:  a 3 minute video explaining the program...

This information comes directly from his website:

"Illustrated by inspiring photographs from around the world, David's Heart of the Photograph Virtual Lecture is a pre-recorded 96-minute video workshop (including a bonus section with his students' most frequently asked questions) that explores (10) ten powerful ideas about the creation of more engaging photographs.

This dynamic presentation is free for camera club organizers to download and use anytime.

Your club members are going to love this. In this 70 minute high-energy presentation (plus a 15-minute recorded Q+A), David walks through techniques and ways of thinking about the creation of images designed to engage human imagination and emotion, and creating images that are more than just visual but visceral. He discusses vision and intent, the use of space and time, the creation of depth, creative point of view, and other tools and ideas for making photographs that are more than just "of" something but about something more, something we can feel and experience more deeply.

This will be a presentation your members will never forget, and to which they will return again and again."